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The Selectboard is Thetford’s legislative and executive body. In a small town like Thetford (one without a town manager) the group of five elected officials supervises the non-elected employees, sets the budget, passes local ordinances and generally represents the town.

Each year, the Selectboard divvies up certain responsibilities so that individual board members can focus on specific areas. In general our town staff is most useful for specific day-to-day issues, such as a problem with the roads, permits and the like.

The Selectboard is most useful for policy issues and problems with how things are run. If you’d like to comment or ask questions on any one town-related topic, you can consult this list (below) of members and their various “liaison” assignments. That might get you to the most relevant Selectboard member, but also remember that we all are eager to hear from folks on any issue, and if you’re more comfortable talking to a Selectboard member you know, that’s great too. Our general email address, which goes to all of us, is Contact information for each member is listed below the assignments table.

Also, we welcome people to come and comment or ask questions at the beginning of our meetings, each Monday night at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.


Area of Responsibility Selectboard Member
Animal Control Stuart Rogers
Budget Committee Stuart Rogers
Communications Stuart Rogers
Conservation Commission Mike Pomeroy
Dept. of Public Works (DPW) Mike Pomeroy
Development Review Board/Zoning Stuart Rogers
Emergency Management Stuart Rogers
Energy Committee Donn Downey
FAST/ Fire Department Stuart Rogers
Grants Jessica Eaton
Health Office John Bacon
Listers John Bacon
Planning Commission Jessica Eaton
Police Donn Downey
Recreation/ Treasure Island Mike Pomeroy
Recycling Center John Bacon
Regional Planning Commission Jessica Eaton
School Board Jessica Eaton
Senior & Affordable Housing John Bacon
Thetford Elder Network John Bacon
Town Clerk Stuart Rogers
Town Service Officer John Bacon
Treasure Island Advisory Council Donn Downey
Treasurer Jessica Eaton

General Selectboard:

Stuart Rogers (Chair):

John Bacon:

Donn Downey:

Jessica Eaton:

Mike Pomeroy:

Selectboard Administrative Assistant:

Selectboard Upcoming Meetings

Selectboard Minutes

2015 Warned Articles for Town Vote.  Town Meeting will be held on Saturday,
February 28, 2015 at Thetford Academy starting at 9:00am.
2015 Warned Articles

2015 Selectboard Minutes Special Selectboard Hearings
January Jan 5, Jan 12, Jan 21, Jan 26,  
February Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23, Feb 28,  


For past minutes, please see our archive page.

Press release regarding Lake Fairlee grant can be found here.

Selectboard Administrative Assistant-Kim Edgar: