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Welcome to Thetford, Vermont
Thetford is a town of six active villages on the Connecticut River, half-way up the east side of Vermont. About half of its 2,500 or so residents live and work in town, with the other half working in other towns in the Upper Valley. The community is extremely active, and different groups seem to enjoy living here all the more for the fact that there are groups of people here quite different from their own.

The town is run by volunteers and by a full and part-time staff of 25. Residents wishing to get involved in the several committees that help set the town’s agenda should look to the Citizen’s Guide section above and feel free to send questions to one of our selectboard members or other public official.

Thetford GIS – Public Access
Thetford’s Geographical Information System (GIS) can be accessed online.  Access data such as tax maps, land use designation, flood plains, wetlands, etc.  Follow the link below:

Thetford GIS Public Portal

For instructions on printing tax maps and abutters reports, click here.

For instructions on printing property record cards, click here.


Thetford Town Hall
PO Box 126
Thetford, VT 05075
Fax 785-2031

2015 Election Information
elected positions
Deadline: 1/26/15 for
filing petitions.

Child Care Services for Town Meeting

Deadline: 2/2/15 for RFQ

2015 Town Meeting

Saturday, February 28, 2015
Thetford Academy
Town Meeting will be held
prior to School Meeting.

Thetford Recycling Information
Thetford Recycling Handout

Upper Valley Fish and Game Club
Upper Valley Fish and Game Club working group recommendations copy.docx
Town Report Available for Download
2014 Town Report




Upcoming Events